Top 5 Ladyboy Cabaret Shows worth seeing in Thailand (Part 1)

Winning almost universal popularity Thai Ladyboy cabaret shows have developed into country’s calling card as the biggest entertaining attraction. Their stars are proudly showing off on the billboards across the country and they are usually welcome in popular TV shows.
People who have never seen a big ladyboy show for real may imagine it as some dilettantish and unprofessional performance placed in a small smoky-filled room in the back of some middling bar. However it’s not so at all. These shows usually have their own theaters for over 1000 audience and available to carry out 2 or 3 performances per night. And besides, ladyboy shows are impressive in their scope: more than 100 performers demonstrate real talent and professional approach, multiple costume change includes even national costumes to delight a diverse audience of guests from China, Russia, Korea and Europe.

So here are few places worth visiting while you are in Thailand.

Alcazar ladyboy show pattaya

As a city with the biggest population of ladyboys, Pattaya has also wide choice of Ladyboy cabaret shows among which it worth attention the biggest and oldest Alcazar. Opened in 1981 this show rightly reserves its primacy among others to this day. Alcazar is a huge purpose built auditorium for 1200 seats with a cast of 400 exceptionally professional ladyboy and male performers. The show offers well rehearsed and choreographed performance with a mix of dramatic, comedian and romantic tunes. And one of the interesting moments of the evening, after the show viewers can meet ladyboy dancers closer near the entrance and to take pics together with them (for some tip however).

Tiffany Show

Being in the neighborhood to Alcazar this show is not inferior to its fame and popularity, moreover Tiffany Show is the undisputed leader among ladyboy cabaret shows due its global reputation. Impossible to imagine that once (namely in 1974) this show consisted of just three ladyboys performing on a small pier stage in some beer bar. Today it officially organizes the national ladyboy beauty contest – Miss Tiffany’s Universe, and one of the biggest international beauty pageants – Miss International Queen. This show also has its own spectacular Tiffany theatre accommodating 1000 viewers (tickets are often sold-out) with a cast of 100 dancers.

Simon Cabaret

This one is standing among the largest tourist attractions of Phuket during at least two decades. You will see that ladyboys from Simon Cabaret are real stars on the island once you’re at the airport: numerous banners, posters and billboards with its advertisement will follow you all the way to hotel.

As the most ladyboy cabaret are, this show also is impressive and somewhat extraordinary. The selection of songs and musical compositions is more classic including famous pop singles from all over the world with small inclusions of traditional Thai music. Highly professional and incredibly good-looking ladyboys give 3 performances per night, each lasts 70 minutes.

The rest of this review read in next upcoming article including a couple more mentions to see while you’re in Thailand.