Thailand: why so many ladyboys in this country?

Perhaps you already know that Thailand has the biggest population of ladyboys in the world. You would see them literally everywhere if you once visit this country. According to the latest estimations there living approximately 300,000 ladyboys, if this number isn’t bigger. Keeping in mind that the majority of them move to big cities in search for the better life and more opportunities, ladyboys compose an obvious population there. That’s why many tourists and newcomers in Thailand are usually amazed by the number of beautiful and charming trans ladies living among local people.

Social acceptance and support for ladyboys

Thai ladyboys make their decision about transition in rather young age and despite of strict dress code rules at schools, many boys at the age 10 – 12 start to demonstrate some typical female mannerisms and behavior. They may have a long hair, and outside the school even wear make up and dress the feminine clothes. Consequently Thai teens usually get more freedom and support to express their femininity, and you would barely find any other society in the world with an equal acceptance for the trans community. In many other countries even if trans kids would be given support by parents and relatives (in the best case scenario), most likely they would be rejected and bullied by classmates and peers. That absolutely can’t be said about Thai people – certainly not every single family would show an unconditional support for their trans child, but the greater part would do, same as public.

Mass media

Definitely it’s needing to say that young ladyboys are mostly inspired by trans models and transgender beauty icons that commonly can be seen in Thai media. Meanwhile western television and other popular media only starts showing the representatives of trans community in decent and more or less respectable way, in Thailand they are honored as stars.

Seeing all those ladyboy iconic personalities, models, beauty queens in the most popular prime time TV shows, in numerous advertisements and on the giant bright billboards Thai teens are encouraged for transition.

Even the annual ladyboy beauty contest Miss Tiffany’s Universe is broadcast every year on the National Thai television gathering millions of viewers. Moreover, the winners of this contest, same as other ladyboy popstars and famous actresses pretty often openly date with other celebs and their relationships are widely reported in glossy magazines and other press or TV shows. Many Thai ladyboys seem to be really creative and talented that’s why they play a big role in the entertainment industry which also served for their common recognition and acceptance.

Ladyboys and plastic surgery

Since Thailand became the center of the best surgeons of sex reassignment and other cosmetic procedures that shaping the body in the most feminine way, becoming a woman doesn’t seem something unrealizable. You can get a really good skillfully done result for incredibly inexpensive price if to compare to the west clinics. And even if for young ladyboys it’s not affordable just after finishing school they still can start the course of hormone replacement therapy for transgender during teen age.

Seems that Thai ladyboys have all conditions possible to become trans, even the local religion – Buddhism – doesn’t prevent or claim sinful same-sex relationships. That’s why becoming a ladyboy means just an option, achievable and accepted option.