Thai ladyboys: 3 stages of transition

Perhaps it’s worth to clear up the basic types of kathoeys before starting to search for them around Thailand. Depending on the age, opportunities or just personal choice ladyboys might be on the three different stages of their long way to become a woman.


While someone might consider them as an extremely feminine gay guys, others and especially real ladyboy lovers would find nothing attractive about them. They would most likely disagree also with an idea to call them kathoeys or ladyboys. However, these young womanlike guys are usually same ladyboys, but on their very early stage of transition.

In most cases Thai ladyboys make a decision about transition while they’re still quite young, but despite of common acceptance of ladyboys in local culture they’re usually not allowed to grow their hair long or to express their feminine identity in any other way up to they finish education. But even after graduation it may take a long time until these young kathoeys would be able to live a life completely and freely expressing themselves, just because they can’t afford those expensive cosmetic procedures they dream of. Meanwhile they choose to take a hormone replacement therapy which makes their skin obviously softer and gives them small breasts. For this reason they can barely look as a real girl, but there’s something in their demeanor and gentle mannerisms convincing that they have more feminine than masculine.

Pre-op kathoey

Next category of kathoeys is probably the most common and therefore many people are used to call them properly ladyboys. This term refers to the Asian trans ladies who haven’t yet underwent a gender reassignment surgery (SRS surgery), but still had enough plastic procedures to get all attractive feminine curves. And even though pre-op ladyboys combine the anatomical features of both sexes they tend to dress and act so extremely feminine that they have managed to win such a big number of fans.

Post-op kathoey

This category includes ladyboys who have already underwent SRS surgery which means their transformation is completed. And despite the fact they were born males, on this stage ladyboys are physically complete women.
Probably you will not find the difference between pre-op and post-op cause most of pre-op ladyboys have impressive well-shaped breasts and curvy hips, and they had many other plastic surgeries to achieve the most lady like look possible. Moreover since post-ops are not very popular among men, ladyboys don’t hurry to move to this stage. Usually it’s not easy to find a post-op kathoey in Ladyboy bar, if only you can try in King’s Corner in Patpong, Bangkok, and Voodoo in Nana Plaza.

If a ladyboy decides to become a post-op then most likely she would try to live a life as a real girl in Thailand.

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