Seeking for beautiful Thai ladyboys

Thai ladyboys are the most famous transgender ladies around Asia, and it seems sometimes they have no equal in their beauty and femininity. Local people call them Kathoey, and even genetic Thai girls have good reasons to be envy of their stunning and attractive looks. Now you are probably feeling all intrigued and wondering how to find these special girls, that’s why we will focus on the best travel destinations and places to come across ladyboys in Thailand.

First of all these are places which receive the largest number of tourists: it can be historical sites and cultural locations, centers of the major cities and ladyboy beauty pageants.

Thailand actually has so many spots to meet beautiful ladyboys. If your vacation agenda includes only sunbathing and sea, then your best destination is Phuket with its long white beaches and of course ladyboys. You also can be lucky to come across with local transsexual beauty visiting such cultural area as Chiang Mai and the natural paradise on the Earth – Phi Phi Islands.

If to think of any city in Europe or United States all this picture described above may seem fantastic. However Thailand perhaps is the only one country in the world densely inhabited with so feminine and passable transgender women. For that reason it’s so easy to meet them just walking by the street or visiting nearest shopping centre. Pretty often they are also happy to offer their tour guide services for the foreign ladyboy lovers. Don’t you find such company great while visiting these marvelous lands?

One more tip for ladyboy searchers – if you prefer to stay mostly in urban districts and night life and clubbing is your cup of tea then you have more chances to meet Thai ladyboys in real life.

Now let make a short review of the main cities in Thailand for kathoey dating.

Kathoeys in Bangkok

Here you will see them almost everywhere if you know how to distinguish them from the genetic Thai girls. As Thailand’s capital Bangkok attracts many tourists and locals, and it’s also known for its numerous beauty centers and clinics for gender reassignment surgery. That’s why Thai ladyboys so often can be found in the neighborhood of the places where they usually get all cosmetic procedures needed for their transition.

If you’re not much aware about the country, it’s enough just to ask locals and you will be advised to go at red light district, namely Nana Plaza and Soy Cowboy, or have a walk around big commercial centers and malls. Some tips about finding Kathoeys in Bangkok.

Kathoeys in Pattaya

In Pattaya you will have best chances to meet ladyboys because this city attracts transsexual girls not only from all provinces of Thailand, but also from the nearest Asian countries such as Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos and Singapore. Due to the huge nightlife activity and the main influx of tourists Asian ladyboys usually have here more opportunities for any kind of job or business. Pattaya can offer many shows for ladyboy lovers: cabaret, beauty pageants, traditional Thai ballet performed exclusively by Asian trans girls. At your disposal a big number of night clubs and ladyboy go-go bars along the Walking street, and the most prestigious – Tiffany’s show and Alcazar cabaret show.

Kathoeys online

If night clubbing is not your cup of tea and you’re looking for something sincere and real, then you shall give a look at ladyboy dating site. At MyKathoeyCupid you will find thousands of beautiful ladyboy singles. It’s enough just to make a free profile to start browsing tgirls not only from Bangkok and Pattaya, but all over Thailand and nearest Asian countries.