Kathoeys & Thai ladyboys: who are they?

While true admirers of Asian trans ladies don’t think twice how to call them, some other people who are still new to the ladyboy concept perhaps need to discover some certain things about them. Therefore, for the beginning let’s look what the term “kathoey” or more commonly used “ladyboy” does mean.

Who do we consider as “kathoeys”

Well, initially the term “ladyboys” takes its origin from the porn movie industry where this name was given to trans girls taking part in such kind of videos. At the same time has been found other name to call them as “shemale” which is still considering as insult, that’s why better to avoid using this word at all. However, “ladyboy” or “kathoey” got its acknowledgement by Thai transgender community and this term became widely accepted to call Asian transsexual and transgender ladies.
Despite of its indecent story the term “ladyboy” was given more positive meaning and ultimately assigned by Thai trans population. Unofficially it can be seen also as an English interpretation for “kathoey” – Thai way to call third gender. In conclusion, the word Ladyboy is used to represent a Thai male who self-identifies as female and demonstrates predominantly feminine behavior, in other words transgender woman.

Ladyboys in Thai society

Thailand is a land with an exceptionally big population of ladyboys and it’s better be devoted an individual article to explain why so many of them live exactly in this country. In few words, Thailand has unique combination of circumstances that play in favor of trans folks. Such factors as religion, culture and history made all conditions to put ladyboys on that significant place which they occupy now in modern Thai ladyboys society.

Meanwhile in many other countries trans people still face prejudice and discrimination, Thai culture doesn’t consider transgender concept as taboo which makes ladyboys widely accepted by the local society.

Raising a child in western country most families teach them to ignore any urges or feelings that are typical for an opposite sex, while in Thailand the situation is essentially the opposite. Definitely any Thai family will prefer their kids to have the same gender identity with that one assigned at birth, anyway Thai parents show more tolerance and support towards their children in case they develop any tendencies or demeanor of the opposite gender.

In conclusion, being exceptional and unique Thai ladyboys occupy an important place in the country’s tourist industry. They have managed to make their cabaret shows one of the biggest tourist attractions that luring lots of men from all over the world.
Don’t base your beliefs on TV programs you may seen if you’ve never met Thai ladyboys in real life. They are just like no anyone else in the world. Whereas some people with inflexible and prejudiced minds would deny seeing them as real women,
others open-minded and educated would find them as an embodiment of femininity.

That’s why, in case you’ve never been in Thailand, better once to see, than hundred times to hear. And even better – finding a Kathoey date on MyKathoeyCupid!

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