Introducing Pattaya Ladyboys

First let’s say that ladyboys from Pattaya, Thailand are probably not everyone’s choice. When some guys would tell about marvelous vacation spent in the company of sexy charming ladyboy, others could even boast that they have found life-time partner among them. At the same time other guys might have been robbed by the group of kathoeys on Beach Road or just dislike them for some principal beliefs.

Ladyboys or so-called kathoey in Thai language became an integral part of the regular life in Thailand. In the tolerant atmosphere of Buddhist culture they are much more noticeable and accepted than transgender women in Western countries. That’s why you will most likely meet a ladyboy practically in any corner of Thailand – from small villages to such travel giants as Bangkok and Pattaya.

Such tempting night life in Pattaya

Thai ladyboys are well-known for their attractive looks, many of them have sexy seductive bodies which even female girls sometime can’t offer. Often they can easily be found on Pattaya Beach Road or Walking Street. Next time we will tell more about which locations and meeting points you should visit in case you’re looking for a ladyboy in real life.

There is a big misconception that every second girl-bar in Pattaya is dedicated to kathoeys. Well, obviously some ladyboys became a part of the dissolute nightlife in recent years, that’s why many of them can be found hanging out on the Walking Street, Soi 6 or Pattaya Beach Road even if these areas were not appointed specially for the ladyboys from the beginning. Other prefer to mix with “real”girls in beer bars or Go-Go bars, and sometimes even experienced men can barely distinguish a half-naked sexy goddess looking like a “Miss Thailand” contestant from the guy with impressive tits and well-done makeup.

However this fact doesn’t concern all trans girls, usually they find job in the field of activities designed traditionally for women as hair stylists, shop assistants or waitresses. Whereas kathoeys who got more talent may find a job as a show dancer in one of the well-known transvestite cabaret theaters in Pattaya.

Kathoeys waiting for you online

In case seeking for ladyboy in bar or on the street isn’t your cup of tea or you’re hesitating because it’s your first experience then we would recommend to visit a dating site. Also if your intentions are more serious and involving a life-time partner search then MyKathoeyCupid is worth of your attention. It’s a decent platform for ladyboys who seek for genuine relationship and even marriage with foreign men. This site has a user-friendly interface and even as a free member you can check out hundreds of ladyboy singles from all over Thailand, Philippines and other Asian countries. After all dating online has it’s own convincing benefits: you can learn better and get closer with a ladyboy date you’re going to meet, and you always get much more options to choose than in a local Thai bar.