How to treat Thai ladyboy (Part 2)

We’re back with the next few dating tips to make your date with a ladyboy enjoyable and pleasant time for you both. And here is a link in case you missed part one of our guide to how to treat an Thai Ladyboy

Don’t be too frankly with a ladyboy

Meanwhile you should be honest about your intentions with a ladyboy, still nobody needs too much details about your wild past. Despite the fact, that ladyboys tend to have more rich and adventurous sexual experience than natural girls that’s no excuse to get into long detailed storytelling about your own affairs in the past.

If you don’t want to spoil your first date you should avoid telling about your ex-partners or any sexual encounters lest you wanted to tell. Keep your date easy, fun and respectful to a ladyboy. Definitely you wouldn’t be that open with a real girl, so there’s no difference with a trans lady either.

Don’t bend a ladyboy to sex

Same as with telling about your feats at the sexual field avoid being pushy and making hints about sex right on the first date. Make it happen naturally and at ease. Keep in mind that not all Thai ladyboys would meet with a man just for sex, and even though she mentions that she worked in go-go bar in the past, that doesn’t mean she’s an easy prey.

Be sensual, use all your charms, let her see that you’re interested in her personality after all, but never be abusive towards your kathoey date. Again, as has been said in the previous article, if you’re looking for a girl just to get her in bed, make things clear right from the beginning.

Do your best with a ladyboy

It doesn’t mean that you have to bend over backwards for a ladyboy, but some efforts from you would be always appreciated. Everybody know how trans girls love to look nice and to hang out being in the spotlight. So let your girl shine in the centre of everyone’s attention – take her to the fancy restaurant,club, bar, and don’t forget about yourself, you also should look the part. Especially as even the most expensive places in Thailand are quite affordable, so why not to try out something special?

Treat your ladyboy date with dignity

Think twice before going at your first date with a ladyboy if you’re still feeling embarrassed or anxious about what other people may think. Probably you are not ready yet and still needing time before coming out. First of all, in Thailand nobody would stare at you like at weirdo, most likely all eyes would be on your hot sexy date. The only thing you should be concerned with is showing your girl that you feel completely confident and comfortable with her.

And after all, making a conclusion to all said above, the ultimate advice we can give you – just enjoy your date! Thai ladyboys are always fun, easygoing and cheerful. So why not just to be kind and polite to them in return? Stay cool, well-mannered and have fun!