How to treat Thai ladyboy? (Part 1)

?? In that case you would most likely find this article useful for increasing your chances in dating ladyboys. We don’t give advices on how to hook up as much ladyboys as possible or how to get a free sexy date. Next few tips are for the guys who are intended to build something real and honesty with a ladyboy, or how to treat a trans girl to keep your relationship working.

Show your respect to Thai Ladyboys

No matter whether your ladyboy date is from a well-off family or a farm girl from some small provincial town, do be always respectful to her. That doesn’t mean making a bunch of compliments to her beauty or showing the signs of attention that would do any gentleman (even though that’s also an important part of the courtship and relationship). That means first of all showing your respect to her cultural and religious beliefs. Ladyboys same as the most part of Thai people pay a particular attention and respect to their religion, family and the King. So for you better to refrain from any negative statements about these topics or even better to avoid discussions on such subjects at all, especially on a first date.

Thai ladyboys: Stay out of prejudice

Due to the fact that Asian ladyboys are pretty unique and in some way different from the majority of people there is a common mistake to judge their lives referring to the certain assumptions. And for you as a “to-be” partner or spouse more wise to stay out of any prejudice or stigmatization of the ladyboys.

Definitely one of the common opinions that ladyboys date with foreign men just for money and financial support is not groundless, it’s true in certain cases. However not all of them are seeking for a rich lover to cover their expenses. Many of ladyboys aspire to become scientists, architects, medical practitioners etc. And besides a decent job they also look for the honest relationships and sincere loving partners.

That’s why, before you go to the date make sure that your mind is free of any assumptions or doubts about ladyboys in general or that particular girl you’re going to meet with because that may put you in an awkward position or cause an embarrassing misunderstanding.
In case you are not sure about a ladyboy you’ve met online just ask her about intentions and what she is looking for on the dating site.

Be clear about your intentions

Same as you may be asking a ladyboy about her dating plans, be ready to give an honest answer about your intentions. If dating sites for you are just a way to find a free sex encounter, make it clear right from the beginning. It doesn’t make sense to break someone’s hearts or play with somebody’s feelings if there are still a lot of single kathoey ladyboys looking just for sex. Still there are many sincere ladyboys in search of genuine love and relationships, that’s why better sort things out straightaway instead of wasting everyone’s time.

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