How to spot a ladyboy / kathoey in Thailand

Few tips to spot a Ladyboy for newbies in Thailand.

While for the guys who have been in Thailand several times and closely communicated with ladyboys it’s much easier to recognize them even from the distance, meeting or even sexual encounter with a ladyboy may be sometimes unexpected surprise for the guys who visit this country at first. The fact is that local trans ladies look so gorgeous and feminine that men pretty often mistake them for genetic Thai girls.
Therefore, if you are first-time visitor in Thailand, seeking for a ladyboy girlfriend and you don’t want to make a blunder while looking for your date, let’s see a few basic tips how to distinguish a kathoey among “regular” Thai girls.

Is she a sexy runway walker?

Thai ladyboys can be fairly considered as one of the most attractive among trans women. They look more like supermodels due to their tall statures and tempting curves, sometime they can overshadow with their beauty even “real” females. With a help of plastic surgery they achieve as much feminine looks as possible. And seeing their big well-shaped breasts, rounded hips and refined noses you can barely guess that initially this goddess was born as male. But still there are some details that can tell that in front of you a ladyboy.
First of all, it’s their extra girlish demeanor and unusually overdone sexy walk. While local girls may walk somewhat clumsy, Thai kathoeys tend to appear like real divas on high heels walking on the red carpet.

What is she wearing?

Same as the walk ladyboys tend to exaggerate also their sexy style wearing high heels, too shirt skirts and lots of bright make up all together. If you see a woman that is too beautiful to be real and her dress shows more than enough charms of her body, then most likely you came across a ladyboy.

How does she behave?

Most of Thai girls, even those who work in bars, are usually quite timid and reserved in communication with strangers, meanwhile ladyboys would be extremely straight-forward, in some cases even pushy. Kathoeys can easily go to the contact and they would speak with you as if you know each other more than a dozen years.

Perhaps it’s no need to say that besides all listed above, Thai ladyboys can be distinguished by the large size of hands and feet, masculine voice and wide shoulders. Many of them still have an Adam’s Apple, but it’s also can be removed with a help of plastic surgery.
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